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Springing the Trap
Operation Fredericus
May 12-25, 1942
Baiting the Bear Expansion
Baiting the Bear required to play

Breaking Teeth
The Battle of Teruel
December 15, 1937

Lightning and Steel
The Battle of Piotrków Trybunalski
September 4-5, 1939

Sound and Fury
The Battles of Mechili
January 24-25, 1941

Forgotten Battles
The Battles of Overloon
September 25-October 19, 1944

Heroes' Crossorads
Battle of
December 17-18, 1944

Battle of
Abbey Ardenne
June 7, 1944

Diamond in the Rough
Battle of
Fort Driant
October 3-13, 1944

Baiting the Bear
1942 Soviet Kharkov Offensive
May 12-19, 1942

The Koltov Corridor
Disaster at Brody
July 1944

Greyhound vs. Bear
The Raid on Astrakhan
September, 1942

Christmas in Hell
Battle of Ortona

December 22-29, 1943

Operation Pedestal

August 11-13, 1942

Forlorn Struggles
Operation Gemse and Sü
February-March, 1945
Dualpak Game

Panzers Along the Terek
November, 1942

Battle of Abbeville
May 28-29, 1940

Gliders from the Sky
The Fall of Eben Emael
May 10-11, 1940
Solitaire Game

Mediterranean Fury
The Battle of Cape Matapan
March 27-29, 1941

Zhukov's Final Victory
Konev's Gambit
The Race for Berlin, 1945
Dualpak Game

Breaking Into Valhalla
Operations Veritbale and Grenade
Winter themed map available

Fox's Gambit
The Battle of Gazala
May-June, 1942

Blood, Steel & Sand
The 1st Battle of El Alamein
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