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Game Compents
Two, 11" x 17" map sections
130 color, single-sided unit counters
8 page Rules Booklet

Fox’s Gambit
is a low complexity level simulation of the Gazala campaign fought in May/June 1942 between the Axis forces led by Gen. Erwin Rommel and Gen. Auchinleck’s Eighth Army. 

The British-led forces, frustrated in earlier clashes with the “Desert Fox,” constructed an extensive series of fortifications, called boxes, as well as minefields to constrict the Afrika Korp’s movements and hinder Rommel’s initiative. The Axis forces hoped to wage a campaign that would take their forces to and beyond the Suez Canal, defeat the Allied forces arrayed against them, and garner increased support from the German high command. 

The historic fight led to the fall of the Tobruk and yet another Allied retreat, this time to El Alamein.
The Afrika Korps was so battered at the end of the Gazala battles, however, that Rommel’s subsequent attacks at El Alamein were decisively turned back.


Game Design: Paul Rohrbaugh | Graphics: Bruce Yearian | Editing: Chris Harding and Lisa Rohrbaugh
Playtesters: Brian Brennan, Dan Thompkins and Joel Specht
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