The Anonymous Battle
March 26, 1970

The NVA laid a clever trap for their nemesis, the 1st Air Cavalry Division, in the remote northern region of Tay Ninh Province, not far from the border with Cambodia. Charlie Company of the 8th Regiment, 1st Air Cavalry was dispatched to inspect suspicious activity by the NVA north of Fire Base Illingworth. On March 26th they were ambushed by the 1st Battalion of the NVA's 272 Regiment, 9th Infantry Division. Deep in jungle terrain, Charlie Company was cut-off and unable to call in accurate artillery or air support. The jungle canopy made impossible any extraction by helicopter. It looked like the Communists were about to wipe-out and capture over 100 US soldiers.

Four kilometers away was Alpha troop of the 11th Armored Cavalry, along with Alpha Company of the 8th Regiment of the 1st Air Cav. Commander John Poindexter, monitoring the increasingly desperate radio messages from Charlie Company wasted no time in ordering his men to "Saddle Up!" in order to rescue their trapped comrades. Busting through jungle and risking ambush, the rescue and battle fought here in March, 1970 rank among the war's most epic and amazing fights.

Game contents:
Two 11
" x 17" maps | 168, double sided die cut unit counters and markers | One Player Aid Sheet | One rule book

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Contributors to High Flying Dice Games: Paul Rohrbaugh, Tim Allen, Antonio Pinar Pena, Nils Johansson, Perry Moore, Pieter-Jan deWilde, Roberto Chiavini, John Theissen, Mark H. Sheppard, Ilya Kudriashov and Pierre Razoux

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The Battles of Piotrków Trybunalski
September 4-5, 1939

The German attack on Poland, codenamed “Case White,” on September 2nd, 1939 was a gamble on Hitler’s part. He wagered Poland’s allies of France and Great Britain would once again cave-in to his demands and not oppose his invasion. Even if they did, a lightning-fast war (blitzkrieg) would make mote any of their objections once the rival to the east was subjugated. That a mutual defense treaty stipulating an invasion from the east by the Soviet Union only “sealed the deal” and further secured Hitler’s risk.

Historically the Germans were stymied in their attempt to take Piotrków Trybunalski. Encouraged, and also increasingly desperate, the Poles launched their even larger counter-offensive at the Bzura River a few days later with the main effort once again made against the German XVI Corps. That offensive alarmed the German High Command, and only compelled the Prusy Army to retreat due to German breakthroughs elsewhere.

Game contents:
One 11
" x 17" map | 108, double sided unit counters and markers | One Player Aid Sheet | One rule book

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As a grand strategic card driven game with boxes, instead of hexagons, and for 4 month turns. The card driven system maintains suspense and obliges the players to coordinate carefully their actions.

This game design is by newcomer Pierre Razoux, author of several books on the Middle East and held positions as researcher at the NATO College in Rome with responsibility for the Middle East, Research Director for "compared strategic thoughts" at the Strategic Research Institute of the Ecole Militaire.

This game will feature a 17" x 22" map, about 98 unit counters, a deck of cards as well as an illustrated rule book. Learn more by downloading this game description!

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September's Eagles

The first Thompson Trophy contest was a six lap race about a course marked by three pylons. As planes became increasingly more powerful and fast, and the numbers of attendees grew by thousands each year, the length and challenge of the race also increased. Nearly each year the number of pylons and size of the race course, as well as the number of laps, were increased. The risk and toll on planes and pilots also rose. From the very first in Cleveland, air racing was marked as the most dangerous of all sports.

September's Eagles recreates the excitement of the Golden Age of Air Racing. The game is for 2-4 players with an Action Card Deck using interactive play to fly the airplanes and wreak havoc among the other players.

Game contents:
54 card Action Deck | 33 Pilot Cards | 36 Plane Cards | 22" x 34" racing map | 36 Plane tokens and various game markers | 16 page Racing Program | 20 page illustrated Rule Book | 4 Player Mats

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