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Game Compents
Two 11" x 17" maps | One 8 page rules book | One Player Aid Card | 180 single sided unit counters

Shipping not included

Mounted counters are available for an additional $5

Game Credits:
Game Design: Roberto Chiavini
Editing: Paul Rohrbaugh
Graphics: Bruce Yearian
Giovanni Fazio, Luigi Caruso, Andrea Chiavini, Paolo Poli

The Battle of Abbeville
May 28-29, 1940

L’Audace! (Attack!) is a two-player game that simulates the climatic battle of Abbeville.  One player takes on the role of the leader of the counter-attacking French 4th DCR forces, the other the commander of those defending the German bridgehead.

After breaking out of the Ardennes Forest and fighting over the Meuse River at Dinant and Sedan, German mechanized forces raced across France to the Channel, effectively splitting the Allies in two. By the end of May the English announced their intention to withdraw the BEF (British Expeditionary Force) at Dunkirk.  Increasingly desperate, the French high command cobbled together a counter-attack force centered on the newly-formed 4th DCR (Division Char de Reserve), led by General Charles DeGaulle, to retake the channel port of Abbeville.  Victory here against the strung out 57th Bavarian Infantry Division could reunify the Allied forces, and also cut-off the deadly but depleted panzer divisions that had earlier wrought so much havoc.




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