From the Filing Cabinet to the Gaming Table

Game Compents
One, 10" x 13" map sections
168 color, single-sided unit counters
One Player Aid Card

4 page Rules Booklet

Blood, Steel and Sand is a conflict simulation of the climatic battle fought near El Alamein Train Station in North Africa.  The historic battle between the German and Italian forces under General Erwin Rommel and the British Eighth Army commanded by General Claude Auchinleck can be likened to the collision of two irresistible forces.

This battle came on the heels of repeated German victories that saw the collapse of the Allied Gazala Line and the fall of Tobruk. General Auchinleck issued orders that there would not be any retreats from El Alamein. Similar orders had been issued before. Would the Allies hold?


Game Design: Paul Rohrbaugh | Graphics: Bruce Yearian | Editing: Lisa Rohrbaugh
Playtesters: Brian Brennan, Kevin Coy, David Deitch, Stefan Anton Federsel, Bob Goddard, Dan Tompkins
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