The Battle of Komsomolskoye
March, 2000

Soon after the Custer-like destruction of the Russian 6th Paratroop company on Hill 776 at Ulus Kert, another major battle in Chechnya was developing. In early March a Russian 200 man security force seized the town of Komsomolskoye (5000 people). Located near the foothills of the Black Mountains. The Chechen forces were already hiding in the foothills and, in desperation, attacked the town with 500 men. This attack quickly forced the Russian security force to retreat.

By the 6th, the Russians laid siege with numerous artillery and MRLS rocket launchers. By the 12th, much of the town was in ruins and the Russians had only penetrated into the fringes. The Chechens turned the town into a fortress-like strongpoint and were determined to make a stand. A new multi--barrel flame-throwing tank also was also used to clear out the pillboxes and basements. These tanks, called “Buratino”, were used with great effect. By the 17th, most of the town was finally under Russian control once again. By the 20th, it was over. Dead bodies covered the ground amongst the rubble. The town was destroyed.

Game contents:
11" x 17" maps | Two sheets of 384 single sided unit counters and markers | One Players' Aid | One rule book

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Contributors to High Flying Dice Games: Paul Rohrbaugh, Tim Allen, Antonio Pinar Pena, Nils Johansson, Perry Moore, Pieter-Jan deWilde, Roberto Chiavini, John Theissen, Mark H. Sheppard, Ilya Kudriashov and Pierre Razoux

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December 17-18, 1944

During December 17-19, 1944, the Belgian villages of Krinkelt and Rocherath, and the surrounding countryside, provided a setting that would determine whether or not the flank of the U.S. First Army would be rolled up and the German Ardennes breakthrough widened, permitting the Germans to reach their objectives beyond the Meuse. In the path of the German advance was a key crossroads held by a battalion of American infantry. While small in comparison to the larger campaign, it was an important event that effected actions in the following days. By slowing the advance of elements of the German 6th SS Panzer Army the Allies were able to buy time to block key roadways, preventing the widening of the German offensive and then stopping it.

Game contents:
11" x 17" map | 84 single sided unit counters and markers | One rule book

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As a grand strategic card driven game with boxes, instead of hexagons, and for 4 month turns. The card driven system maintains suspense and obliges the players to coordinate carefully their actions.

This game design is by newcomer Pierre Razoux, author of several books on the Middle East and held positions as researcher at the NATO College in Rome with responsibility for the Middle East, Research Director for "compared strategic thoughts" at the Strategic Research Institute of the Ecole Militaire.

This game will feature a 17" x 22" map, about 88 unit counters, a deck of cards as well as an illustrated rule book.

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September's Eagles

The first Thompson Trophy contest was a six lap race about a course marked by three pylons. As planes became increasingly more powerful and fast, and the numbers of attendees grew by thousands each year, the length and challenge of the race also increased. Nearly each year the number of pylons and size of the race course, as well as the number of laps, were increased. The risk and toll on planes and pilots also rose. From the very first in Cleveland, air racing was marked as the most dangerous of all sports.

September's Eagles recreates the excitement of the Golden Age of Air Racing. The game is for 2-4 players with an Action Card Deck using interactive play to fly the airplanes and wreak havoc among the other players.

Game contents:
54 card Action Deck | 33 Pilot Cards | 36 Plane Cards | 22" x 34" racing map | 36 Plane tokens and various game markers | 16 page Racing Program | 20 page illustrated Rule Book | 4 Player Mats

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