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Three, 11" x 17" maps
94, ½"  single-sided small unit counters
¾" single sided unit counters
One, 12-page rule book

Shipping not included

Mounted counters are available for an additional $5

Game Credits:
Game Design: Paul Rohrbaugh
Editing and Research: Lisa Rohrbaugh and Emory Earl Toops
Graphics: Bruce Yearian
Brian Brennan, Bill Molyneaux, the Gettysburg Area Gamers, Mike O’Brien, Dan Rygasewicz, and Johannson Tee.

The Battle of the Yalu: September 17, 1894
The Battle of Wei Hai Wei" January-February, 1895

Brave and Noble Fights is a dualpak game which has the intorductory level games of the Battle of the Yalu and the Battle of Wei Hai Wei.

Battle of the Yalu: The Japanese invaded Korea, seeking to make the nation a protectorate. Imperial China had an army in Pyongyang and resisted the Japanese but, after a sharp and violent battle, the Chinese General ordered a retreat over the Yalu River and out of Korea. The Chinese quickly dispatched reinforcements via a convoy of troop ships escorted by the very powerful Peiyang Fleet, led by Admiral Ting Ju Chang. The bulk of the Japanese fleet, under the leadership of Admiral Ito Sukeyuki, intercepted the Chinese fleet on its return to Port Arthur, and the largest battle at sea up to that time between steam powered steel warships ensued.

Battle of Wei Hai Wei: The battle was the final large-scale fight waged in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95. The surviving ships of the Chinese Peiyang Fleet, following their defeat at the Battle of the Yalu, sought shelter in the heavily fortified port of Wei-Hai-Wei. The Japanese fleet quickly blockaded the port and in January 1895, the Japanese 2nd and most of the 6th Infantry Divisions were landed to assault the Chinese positions

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