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“As long as capitalism and socialism exist, we cannot live in peace. In the end, one or the other will triumph —
a funeral dirge will be sung over the Soviet Republic or over world capitalism.” – V.I. Lenin

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Game Design: Paul Rohrbaugh
Development: Lisa Rohrbaugh
Graphics: Ilya Kudriashov
Playtesting: Brian Brennan

Mounted counters are available for an additional $5.00

Two 11 by 17 inch maps | 112 double-sided units |  One Player Aid | One, 8 page Rules Book

IfIf the “balloon had gone up” in Cold War Europe during the 1980s an offensive by the Warsaw Pact and Soviet forces across the North German Plain in West Germany would occur. The central sector of the NATO front here was held by the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) supported by West German forces.

The terrain along the frontier with
East Germany was dominated by the Luneburg Heath, an area marked by swamps, rivers and forested terrain that favored the defenders. Once through here, however, the terrain opened up to flat land that stretched to the Dutch
and Belgian borders.

A breakthrough here by the Communist forces would also certainly lead to a collapse of any
NATO defense of West Germany, and a likely defeat by the forces of the Free World.

This game came about at the request of my good friend and Ace play tester, Brian Brennan. During the early 80s Brian was a military policeman in intelligence
operations, attached to the 11th Armored Cavalry. He was stationed in the Fulda Gap region. While play
testing other games with this design he requested that I make a game on a possible “what if” battle for Fulda Gap; what you have now before is the result.

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