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In truth, our people, so few in number, were hemmed in by the multitudes of the Saracens, that they had no means of escape, if they tried

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Game Design: Roberto Chiavini
Development: Paul Rohrbaugh
Graphics: Bruce Yearian Playtesting: Luca Bernardini, Brian Brennan, Andrea Chiavini, Luigi Caruso, Paolo Poli, and Paul Rohrbaugh

Mounted counters are available for an additional $6.00

Two 11 by 17 inch maps | 200 single-sided units | One Rules Book

Lion’s Heart, Saracens’ Steel is a part of the Battles of the Middle Ages Series, an easy to learn wargame system that tries to recreate most of the principal battles fought from Roman Times to the dawning of Renaissance. These games are designed to be fast and furious, easy to learn and to play, but still true to the historical events portrayed.

The battle of Arsuf is one of the most peculiar battles of the Crusades.

It was part of the campaign of the Third Crusade, and an important tactical victory for King Richard I, “the Lionheart”, against one of the most famous Saracen leaders of all time, Saladin (who had crushed the Crusaders four years earlier at the battle of Hattin).

However, the battle was insignificant in the overall strategic situation, as the Crusaders were unable to take their ultimate goal, the city of Jerusalem.


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