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Game Compents
Two 11" x 17" maps | 176 unit counters and markers | One 8-page rule book

Shipping not included

Mounted counters are available for an additional $5

Game Credits:
Game Design: Roberto Chiavini
Graphics: Bruce Yearian
Development: Paul Rohrbaugh
Playtesting: Brian Brennan, Luigi Caruso, Andrea Chiavini, Paolo Poli, and Paul Rohrbaugh

This is Sparta
Battles of Nemea and Coronea, 394 BC
Volume 2 of the Series

The Glory that was Greece is a series of games depicting several battles from the ancient world. The games are introductory in level and complexity, designed for fun and competitive play, while also depicting the history of the battles

Battle of Nemea: A battle in the Corinthian War, between Sparta and the allied cities of Argos, Athens, Corinth, and Thebes. The battle was fought in Corinthian territory, at the dry bed of the Nemea River. The battle was a decisive Spartan victory, which, coupled with the Battle of Coronea later in the same year, gave Sparta the advantage in the early fighting on the Greek mainland. Although the Spartans held the field at the end of the battle, they were unable to force their way past Corinth and enter central Greece.

Battle of Coronea: A battle in the Corinthian War, in which the Spartans and their allies under King Agesilaus II defeated a force of Thebans and Argives that was attempting to block their march back into the Peloponnese. What followed was evidently one of the worst blood baths in the history of hoplite battles.

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