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Game Design:Paul Rohrbaugh
Editing: Lisa Rohrbaugh and Emory Earl Toops
Graphics: Bruce Yearian
Playtesting: Brian Brennan, Chris Salander, and Emory Earl Toops
Special Thanks to Chris Salander for creating the Battle of Pung-do Island Scenario

Mounted counters are available for an additional $5.00

One 11" x 17" maps | 151 single-sided unit counters | One Player Aid Card | One rule book

This expansion of Brave and Noble Fights covers the historical battles of Pung-do Island and Foochow.  The Battle of Pung-do Island was the first naval battle of the First Sino-Japanese War. The Battle of Foochow was fought ten years earlier between the French Asiatic Squadron and the Chinese Fukien Fleet. Optional rules extend play for both battles allowing players to explore additional “what ifs” in these periods of history.

Battle of Foochow: Historically the French took two days to wreak complete destruction on the Chinese bases and defenses at Foochow, and then only after landing marines and then fighting their way out back to sea.

Pung-do Island: The First Sino-Japanese War started when cruisers of the Japanese Flying Squadron were ordered to sweep the Gulf of Asan of any Chinese transports bringing troops to Korea. Although war had not yet been declared, both sides were building up their forces in Korea as part of a political struggle to gain control over that country.

Ownership of Brave and Noble Fights is required for play.

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