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Game Design: Perry Moore
Graphics: Bruce Yearian
Development: Paul Rohrbaugh
Playtesting: Jason Bishop, Brian Brenan, Matt Kroner, Paul Rohrbaugh, and Mark Woloshen

Mounted counters are available for an additional $6.00

Two 11" x 17" maps | 370 unit counters and markers | One Rference Sheet | One 12-page rule book

White Turns Red depicts the high water mark and key battle of the Russian Civil War at Orel.


IThe city of Orel was the pinnacle of the White Army's advance under General Denikin in October 1919. When the White soldiers and their tanks entered the city, shock waves were felt in Moscow. Lenin and Trotsky panicked with White soldiers just 200 miles away. They reacted with the same urgency as when the Germans neared Moscow in 1941- with draconian orders to build defenses and recruited women, boys, and men, sent
to man some of the defenses while veteran soldiers were sent towards Orel.


The White Army seemed unstoppable with its elite, well trained, and well-armed Volunteer Army. All Communist resources were diverted and sent to the Orel area. First, the Reds had to halt the advance and then counterattack, otherwise, Moscow could fall.

White Turns Red is a game showing the seesaw battle for the city.


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