Two, 11" x 17" maps
380 unit counters and markers
One Players' Aid Card
One Rule Book

Shipping not included

Mounted counters are available for an additional $5

Game Credits:
Game Design: Perry Moore
Editing: Paul Rohrbaugh and Geroge Young
Graphics: Ilya Kudriashov
Playtesting: Malcom Best, Brian Brennan, Rolf Dyugy, Tom Kazakoff, Paul Rohrbaugh and George Young

Operation Blücher

May-June, 1918


Breakout to Paris depicts the third German Aisne offensive. It followed Operation Michel in March. General Erich Ludendorff was determined to win the war, and these offensives were Germany's last attempts. Ludendorff’s earlier Operation Michel was a near catastrophe for the Allies and Operation Blücher would be just as dire and another German near miss with the German offensive ending within hours of reaching Paris.

Some historians claim the two American divisions timely arrival saved Paris from calamity. The German offensive within a period of a few days had created a huge bulge and gained over 35 miles and had taken 50,000 Allied prisoners.


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The Game

Each game turn is composed of two player turns. Each player moves his units and executes attacks against the opposing player. During the combat or movement, players may move or attack with as many units are they wish and able to do so. The phasing player is the current player turn, while the non-phasing player is not the current player turn.


6.2 Game Sequence

6.2.1 German Player

1. German supply unit determination (starting turn 2).

2. German Artillery Barrage Attacks

3. First German Movement and Reinforcement Phase

4. Combat Phase

5. Attack Supply Removal and German Pin marker removal

6. Second German Movement Phase


6.2.2 Allied Player

1. French Reinforcement Check (Starting turn 5)

2. Allied Artillery Barrage Attacks

3. Allied Movement and Reinforcement Phase

4. Combat Phase

5. Allied Pin marker Removal


6.2.3 End Phase

1. Both players perform Damaged Tank repair DR checks (see 12.1).

2. Both players determine if broken rail lines are repaired (see 10.2).

3. Both players remove Fired/No Move and Moved/No Fire markers from their units.




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