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Four 11" x 17" maps
280 double sided, unmounted unit counters
8 Page rules book
Two Player Aid Cards

Shipping not included

Mounted counters are available for an additional $5

Game Credits:
Game Design: Paul Rohrbaugh Graphics: Bruce Yearian
Editing: Dennis Bishop
Brian Brennan, Dennis Bishop and Paul Rohrbaugh

The Battle of Germantown
October 4, 1777

The Continental Army sought to deal a massive blow to the British outside of Philadelphia, and nearly pulled it off. General Washington deployed the US Army about a series of roads, hoping in that way to strike the British in a massive coordinated assault from multiple directions simultaneously. However, fog, poor communications between the American columns, and determined British resistance at the Chew House (that distracted General Washington and badly delayed the center of the American Army) allowed the British to recover and deliver a devastating counter-attack.

A Barbarous Ground uses the same design system from the very popular Devil Takes All game. Leadership, orders to the various formations, and morale are central to the game's design. Players on both sides will tasked with challenging decisions as well as opportunities for attack and defense.

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