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One, 11" x 17" map
61 double-sided unit counters
One, 4-page rule book

Shipping not included

Mounted counters are available for an additional $4

Game Credits:
Game Design: Paul Rohrbaugh Graphics: Bruce Yearian
Playtesting: Brian Brennan, Paul Rohrbaugh and various YSU students over the years

The Battle of Santiago Bay
July 3, 1898

Death Before Dishonor is an introductory level wargame simulation on the naval actions that occurred near Santiago harbor during the Spanish-American War. The game design is meant to be simple and highly playable, yet one that portrays the historical challenges facing the combatants.

Historically the US failed to bottle up the Spanish fleet, and was forced to undergo a lengthy blockade while the US Army fought the Spanish garrison for control of the city and port. The capture of key fortifications and the heights at Kettle and San Juan Hills compelled Admiral Pascual Cervera to sortie on July 3rd to prevent his ships from being sunk at their moorings by US artillery, or capture when the town surrendered. The US navy would sink all of the fleeing Spanish ships with little loss, scoring a lop-sided win

This game is chosen as a print n' play release for
Gold Level Donors to the 2013 Consimworld Donation Drive and will be available for download soon. It is being offered now for purchase those who do not donate. The game offers a short duration of play, small table 'footprint' as well as low counter density but filled with action and decisions for both players.

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