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Game Compents
Two 11" x 17" maps
16 page rules book
1 Player Aid Card
286 double sided unit counters

Shipping not included

Mounted counters are available for an additional $5

Game Credits:
Game Design: Paul Rohrbaugh Graphics: Bruce Yearian

The Battles of Bataan and Corregidor

Bushido Denied is a wargame of the WWII campaign fought for the control of the Philippine Islands from January to May, 1942. The Japanese player is attempting to wrest control of the Bataan Peninsula and the Corregidor Island fortress from the American player as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Japanese 14th Army high command thought the entire Philippine campaign would last 4-6 weeks. Instead the campaign lasted nearly 6 months.

Although these battles resulted in the only time an entire American Army, with over 76,000 men surrendered, the Japanese victory was a pyrrhic one. General Matsuharu Homma never again held a field command. American and Filipino valor denied the Japanese the quick and decisive victory they planned.


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