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Four 11" x 17" maps
560 double sided unit counters
One Player Aid Card
8 Page rules book

Shipping not included

Mounted counters are available for an additional $5

Game Credits:
Game Design: Paul Rohrbaugh Graphics: Bruce Yearian
Editing: Lisa Rohrbaugh
Playtesting: B
rian Brennan, Jeff Hoover, Randy McGlaughlin and Jeff Rowe

The Battle of Long Tan
August 18, 1966

Crossfire Hurricane: the Battle of Long Tan deals with the largest battle fought by the Australian Forces in South Vietnam. Occurring in August 1966, a patrol of the 6th Royal Australian Rifles (RAR) surprised a large force of Viet Cong (NLF) moving to attack the Australian base at Nui Dat. The ensuing firefight, fought at times in the midst of a monsoon-like deluge, lasted nearly 4 hours. At some points in the battle the Australians were out-numbered by almost six times their number, and fighting in some places was hand-to-hand.

Players are cast in the roles of the commanders of each side’s forces. Both players will have capabilities to inflict harm upon their opponent, while also having liabilities to protect. Contestants will be challenged to do as well, or better than, their historical counterparts.

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